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The Dendron workbench is the overall UI that surrounds the editor. It is equivalent to the VSCode workbench.


Image from Visual Studio Docs

Dendron has a few custom workbench components to deal with hierarchal notes.

Outline View

Dendron Tree View

The Dendron Tree View lets you view your hierarchal notes as a traditional folder hierarchy.

The Dendron Tree View has the following capabilities:

  • click to open note

  • show indicators for stub and schema notes

  • show title using tooltip

  • realtime update when you create/delete notes

  • toggle all functionality

  • click to create from stub

  • reveal currently open text document

Working with Multiple Columns

VSCode lets you create multiple columns of your editor and arrange them any way you want them.

Expanding the Current Editor

You can use the toggleEditorWidth command with a hotkey to quickly expand the current editor.

    "command": "workbench.action.toggleEditorWidths",
    "key": "ctrl+cmd+m"