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Release Notes(version 0.17)

Dendron 0.17 has sprouted 🌱


  • better autocomplete for wiki links
    • autocomplete will now prompt without a trigger, complete on links with aliases and complete faster than ever
  • relative wiki links
    • you can now link to a specific section of a note using the [[foo#header]] syntax
  • faster language features 🚀 🚀 🚀
    • going to a link definition, finding link references and other link specific functionality is much faster
  • lots of bug fixes and enhancements
    • bunch of things are better with this release


  • Dendron Office Hours
    • We had our first live office hours this week. Thanks to everyone that participated! You can find the recording here. A reminder that you can submit questions ahead of time in the #office-hours channel in discord. We'll send another survey this week for scheduling the next office hours at the end of the month.

House Cleaning

  • Deprecation of Dendron Markdown Notes
    • prior to 0.17, Dendron used the aforementioned extension for language features like auto completion and following links
    • with 0.17, all language features is now being handled with Dendron
    • Dendron Markdown Notes is no longer required and can interfere with new definitions
    • You can uninstall Dendron Markdown Notes through the extensions panel inside VSCode uninstall
  • Version Number in DendronConfig
    • dendron.yml now has an added version field. It's automatically set to 0 for all current configurations. we'll be coming out with a new version in the near future to support additional multi-vault features

In the Works

Most of the same items from last week still apply 😅

  • a better up to date public roadmap
  • bringing multi-vault to feature parity with all existing Dendron functionality
  • a better publishing experience


Last and most of all, a big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release 👨‍🌾 👩‍🌾


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