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Exclude from publication

To exclude a page from publication, you can add the following to the frontmatter. If you set publishByDefault: false for a hierarchy, this needs to be set to true to publish

published: false

Exclude from indexing

To tell google to not index a page, you can add the following tag to the frontmatter. You can also have this as a default for a given hierarchy by setting noIndexByDefault: true in the site config.

noindex: true

Exclude line from publication


Hello World!  <!-- Will be published -->

 <!-- won't be published -->

It's useful to check if all your links work before publishing your notes. You can use the awesome-bot gem to validate your links.

  • setup

    • create a folder named reports to hold the results
      cd {wsRoot}
      mkdir reports
    • add reports to your vscode workspace in order to browse it via vscode
  • check links

    • build your site using the Build Pod command
    • start a local server
    • run the following command
      cd {wsRoot}/reports && awesome_bot ../docs/_site/notes/*.html --allow-redirect --allow-dupe --allow 429