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Dotted filenames

  • note renames are simpler, no need to create / delete folders
  • note containers can be created with a single artifact (e.g. is the container for vs. foo/ + foo/bar/)
  • note stubs can be created without intermediate folders

Folder Hierarchies

  • familiarity - dendron file structure looks like any other part of the file system. Less to learn, faster to adopt
  • you can place any files (e.g. pdfs, xlsx or diagrams) into the folders without renaming them (and reference them with the same mechanics)
  • easier to save files into the right place of the structure without the assistance of vscode (e.g. normal drag-and-drop works)
  • natural "zoom" functionality into the structure (just open the folder)
  • filenames look cleaner in vscode (in several views, like explorer, file tabs, git etc) as well as in normal OS utilities
  • large amount of files in the same folder makes normal file system tools less useful (OS file explorer, commands like ls or tree, potential choking of operations)
  • less implementation needed for dendron (e.g. no need for dendron tree view since normal file explorer works)
  • other vscode extensions rely on file structures for cleaner views (e.g. TODO tree). Not all views can be re-implemented for dendron
  • normal file system permissions could be used to limit visibility to certain sub-hierarchies
  • various sub-parts of the hierarchy can be brought into the same workspace via symlinks
  • Is compliant with enterprise setting, many companies just wouldn't adopt dot-based hierarcies for their knowledge-base (it's "too weird", "unproven" etc.)