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NOTE: it's possible to publish Dendron on any platform that can host static sites. This guide covers publishing to Github Pages


  • Create an account on github
  • Follow the instructions here to create a repository named {username} where {username} is your username on Github
  • Setup a github repo with github pages enabled
    • when selecting the source, make sure to pick master branch/docs folder
  • Create an initial commit and push your vault to your github page


  1. Depending on what notes you want to publish, you will want to update your dendron.yml file. By default, everything will be published
  2. Update the contents of _config.yml inside your docs folder to specify site wide configuration like logo and title.
    • NOTE: this is located relative to dendron.rootDir
    • if you do not have a docs folder, you can run Dev:Dendron: Doctor to create one
  3. When you are ready to publish, run the > Dendron: Build Pod command to prepare your site for publication. This builds your notes into the siteRootDir directory which defaults to docs. Build Pod does the following when it builds your site:
    • copies over the notes specified in dendron.yml
    • creates a copy of your notes with the ids in place of the file names
    • updates all wiki-links to markdown-links so Jekyll can process it, preserving titles if there are any
  4. Commit your changes.
  5. Push your repository using > Git: Push