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Dendron is composed of three main components and a collection of complementing libraries.

Below is a sketch of the General Architecture

|Dendron Plugin| (vscode) <-> |API Server <-> Dendron Engine| (local express server)

Major Components

Dendron Plugin

  • name: @dendronhq/plugin-core
  • repo

This is the Dendron VSCode extension

Dendron Engine

  • name: @dendronhq/engine-server
  • repo

This is responsible for Dendron's hierarchal index and lookup capabilities. It also contains Dendron specific markdown parsers. While the name says server, there is no server that comes with the engine

Dendron API Server

  • name: @dendronhq/api-server
  • repo

This package contains the express server implementation for Dendron. It provides a REST based shim to allow the Dendron plugin to talk to the engine.

Other Components

Dendron Common All

  • name: @dendronhq/common-all
  • repo

This is a bunch of types and utilities that is consumed by multiple Dendron dependencies

Dendron Common Server

  • name: @dendronhq/common-server
  • repo

This is common utilities that are used by server-side versions of Dendron (currently, this is the only available built of Dendron - in the future, the plan is to have a browser only client)

Dendron CLI

  • name: @dendronhq/dendron-cli
  • repo

This package lets you access Dendron via CLI.

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