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  • run extension
    • launch the Run Extnesion build task (copied below for reference)
      "name": "Run Extension",
      "type": "extensionHost",
      "request": "launch",
      "runtimeExecutable": "${execPath}",
      "args": [
      "outFiles": [
      "env": {
        "STAGE": "dev",


Note that we currently have trouble setting breakpoints inside non-plugin code. That goes for the packages that Dendron depends on (eg. @dendronhq/common-all). The current workaround is to manually add a debugger; statement inside the code. The extension will hit it when restarted under the debugger.

Verbose Logs

  • set in dendorn.workspace.config
"dendron.logLevel": "debug",


Normally, Dendron will launch an express server at a random port. To debug the server:

  1. Launch the server using the build task api-server:test launch server
  2. Update the workspace settings of Dendron to use a running server through the following workspace setting dendron.serverPort": 3005
  3. Reload the workspace for the settings to take affect