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Support custom colorization of tabs in Dendron, specified by schema.


VSCode has the following settings for tabs.

"workbench.colorCustomizations": {
    "tab.activeBackground": "#FFFFFF",

The properties that can be customized are activeBackground and inactiveBackground. In addition to tab color, you can also customize the title bar (top horizontal), activity bar (side panel) and status bar(bottom bar). When they are all set, it looks something like this


Set custom tab color based on schema.

- id: project
    value: #FFFFFF
    recursive: false # default: true, optional param

By default, tabColor would be recursive, so any child schemas would also have the property applied. More specific tabColor settings on child schemas would take precedence over parent tabColor settings.

Currently, the only way to set tab color is via the settings file which means Dendron would dynamically update your workspace settings as you navigate files.