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Dendron Plugin


  • check if we have an active dendron workspace


Create a new Command

  1. Add command to DENDRON_COMMANDS under plugin-core/src/constants.ts
  2. Open the command prompt, enter Run Task, and run gen:config
    • this will add the command to package.json
  3. Create the new command in plugin-core/src/commands/{COMMAND_NAME}.ts
    • you can copy the contents of an existing command (eg. src/commands/ShowHelp.ts) to help you get started
  4. Write tests
    • tests are in plugin-core/src/test/suite-integ/{COMMAND}
    • testing instructions are here
  5. Write command logic
  6. If it makes sense, add a keyboard shortcut for the command. Make sure it doesn't conflict with an generic VSCode command or existing Dendron commands. You can detect existing keybindings by using the guide here
  7. Add command to src/commands/index.ts
  8. Submit pull request


You can control the log level in the workspace settings using dendron.logLevel. This sets the log level for the plugin and well any server it launches. You will need to restart the workspace for the log level to take effect.

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