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Getting Started

  1. Install dependencies
    git clone
    cd markdown-links
    npm install
  2. Use Run Extension from the debug pane (note: this requires that dendron be installed. VSCode might ask you to install Dendron and reload at this point)
  3. Make sure you are inside a Dendron workspace. If not, either initialize one using Dendron: Initialize Workspace or change to one using Dendron: Change Workspace

Setup without Dendron Extension Installed

Dendron markdown links depends on the dendron extension to be active. You can still make it work without the extension by the following instructions:

  1. Comment out the following in package.json
    "extensionDependencies": [
  2. Follow step 2 in the setup instructions above.
  3. Launch the dendron server. Useful for development purposes or to launch the server in a specified port

    The CLI will also write out .dendron.* metadata files in the workspace root just the same as the Dendron plugin.

    dendron-cli launchEngineServer --wsRoot ~/Dendron/ --vaults ~/Dendron/vault --port 3005