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Dendron Next Server


  1. follow instructions here to clone the repository and install dependencies
  2. navigate to server package
    cd {repo-root}/packages/dendron-next-server
  3. start server
    yarn dev
  4. Open dendron-next-server.code-workspace to start editing the code

Working with the Dendron Engine

If your working with the Dendron Engine (eg. fetching notes, config or schemas), you'll need to start an instance of the engine.

npm install -g @dendronhq/dendron-cli

Next, use the launchEngineServer command to start the server to an existing workspace

LOG_DST=/tmp/server.txt LOG_LEVEL=debug dendron-cli launchEngineServer --port 3005 --wsRoot ~/Dendron/

Create an .env.local file under dendron-next-server and add the following


Run yarn dev to start the next server