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Getting started

1. Requirements


Before you begin, you need to make sure to have the following SDKs and tools:

2. Clone and Install

git clone
cd dendron-11ty
npm install

3. Run 11ty


Start the server in preview

cd {workspace root}
npx dendron-cli buildSiteV2 --wsRoot .  --stage dev --serve

Build notes for production

npx dendron-cli buildSiteV2 --wsRoot .  --stage prod

Running with dendron monorepo

Dendron depends on a bunch of packages from the dendron monorepo. If you already have it installed and are working on monorepo components, you can link those components with 11ty to have live updates.

1. Setup Monorepo

  • see instructions here

Run yarn link inside the following packages

  • @dendronhq/engine-server
  • @dendronhq/common-server
  • @dendronhq/common-all

Inside dendron-11ty, execute ./scripts/ file

  • NOTE: don't forget to watch the monorepo to compile changes


To continuously compile all dependencies, run the following


4. Run Dendron Cli

You can run this CLI on any valid workspace. There's a test workspace in dendron-11ty that is good to test against

cd dendron-11ty/fixtures/test-workspace


cd {workspace root}
npx dendron-cli buildSiteV2 --wsRoot .  --stage dev --serve