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Nested Hierarchies

Publishing supports the same nested hierarchies as your notes and allows you to navigate via the sidebar.

You can see at a glance which notes have children and explore them from the nav without refreshing the page.

Edit on Github

Every page can accept one-click contributions as long as the contributor has a github account.

Example of making a contribution to Dendron.


If you'd rather not click, dendron-jekyll also supports path based lookup.

Permanent Ids

Every page is published using its unique ID which means that urls will never change, even if the filenames do.

If you have a free github account, then you can host your Dendron notes for free using github pages

Jekyll Liquid Tags and Variables

You can find the docs on this under liquid

  • NOTE: this will only be "compiled" in the published site but won't be rendered in the regular markdown

Selective Publication

You can choose to publish your whole vault, a single domain, or multiple domains within your vault.

Note References

Dendron has note references that let you inline either the whole note or parts of a note into another note. Publishing via Dendron will also publish note references as part of the process.

When building your site by running Dendron: Build Pod, Dendron will generate a bad links report of all wiki-links that did not resolve. It will also update the links to point to a 404 page instead.