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Seeds 🚧

Note: Seeds are highly experimental and under active development. Content here is subject to change.

Seeds represent existing knowledge out in the world. A seed could be a wikipedia article, a github repo, or an arbitrary website.

You can use a Dendron Seed to ingest data from existing sources and import them into your vault. Data ingestion is also referred to as planting.

Note that seeds differ from pods in that they help you ingest content from external sources from content that you might have no control over. Pods help you import/export your content between various platforms.

You can see an example of a published seeded vault here.

Using a seed

  • NOTE: currently, seeds are only available using the dendron-cli


Make sure you have the dendron-cli installed.

npm install -g @dendronhq/dendron-cli


  1. Inside the workspace where you to plant your seeds, initialize a node project.
    cd /path/to/ws
    yarn init
  2. Install seeds that you want to plant
    • currently, the only available seed is @dendronhq/og-aws-seed
    yarn add @dendronhq/og-aws-seed
  3. Plant seeds using the cli
    dendron-cli plantSeed --id @dendronhq/og-aws-seed --wsRoot ./ --vault ./vault
  4. Enjoy your garden

Creating a Seed

A seed is just a npm package. You can create your own by creating an npm package..

You can see an example of a custom seed here.


  1. Initialize a new node project
    mkdir my-new-seed
    cd my-new-seed
    yarn init
  2. Add core dependencies
    yarn add @dendronhq/seeds-core
  3. Create a seed

Creating a seed

  • index.ts
import {
} from "@dendronhq/seeds-core";

export default class MySeed extends DendronSeed {

    config() {
        return {
        src: {
            type: "git" as const,
            url: "{PATH_TO_REPO}.git",
        mergeStrategy: "replace" as const,
        source: {
            name: "{NAME_OF_PROJECT}",
            url: "{CITATION_URL}",
            license: "{LICENSE}",

    prepare(opts: PrepareOpts): Promise<{notes: Note[], assets: Asset[]}> {
        //const srcFile = fs.readFileSync(path.join(root, ''), { encoding: "utf8" });
        const { root: repoPath } = opts;
        let notes: Note[] = [];
        // your custom conversion logic
        // ...
        return notes

Importing your seed

dendron-cli plantSeed --id myseed --wsRoot /path/to/root --vault /path/to/vault