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Dendron Jekyll

This is the Jekyll theme used by Dendron. It is a fork of just-the-docs theme with custom changes to allow for deep hierarchies, lookups and unique ids. It also borrows many elements from the Minimal Mistakes theme.


dendron-jekyll has custom layouts well suited for blogging. You can see an example of it in action here.

Blog Optimized Features:

  • ability to show all notes within a hierarchy organized by timestamp
  • wider layout for the text
  • helper utilities from minimal mistakes
    • NOTE: currently, only figure is supported

Getting Started

  • 🚧 Instructions are currently being written and will be up soon

Remote and Gem Based Themes

Dendron Jekyll works as both a github remote theme and as a gem based theme. is built from dendron-jekyll as a remote-theme from this repo and deployed using github pages. is built as a gem based theme from a private github repo and deployed using AWS Amplify.

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